Teacher and Author

I’m Terri and I’d love to be your teacher-friend.

Let me tell you why!

One of my greatest joys in being an elementary school teacher is having a teacher-friend. One to whom I can vent, discuss the Woes, and shout the Woots over accomplishments – of mine and my students.

I’ve managed to Survive for 23 years!

 At a certain point I learned to do more…and Thrive.

 I’d like to share with you—and hear your stories.

I teach… Well, except on the days when students are throwing up everywhere and the office is calling non-stop. Talk about disruptions! How about disruptive students? More about that in the blog!

I write… I write because it’s a passion—a mountain I want to climb. What are your passions? Goals? I’ve written a book and still want to write more. How about you? What drives your passion when you’re away from the classroom?

I’m a mom… Some days everything goes wrong in school. Afterwards I crawl in the car and haul my son to the orthodontist, basketball, and home. Then I hear, “Mom, I need…” Sometimes there isn’t enough day. Help! What would you do?

Life…Anyone ever make mistakes, have regrets, and wish for another chance? Enough about me—what about you? I’m listening.


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