What happens when grumpy is the best you can do? When even chocolate isn’t enough to soothe your soul. When your heart feels like a frozen tundra. Your social filters stop working. You’re raw. Unedited.

Don’t be fooled by the number of days on the calendar, February’s attitude wearies everyone’s patience, especially teachers. We watch our active kids drag. The brightest brains process at the rate of frozen sap. February feels like it will last forever and that’s why it’s not February—it’s Helluary.


Why is it that every week in Helluary has to have a meeting and appointments when all you want to do is scoot up to a roaring fire, prop your feet on a stool, and get lost in the world of fiction?


Keep a tight control on your appointments. Push any appointments you can out to another month like March—month with thirty-one days and the promise of spring. Spend your personal time during Helluary cozied up on your couch as much as possible.



Bills come due earlier in Helluary. There’s nothing for it—pay them.



One of Helluary’s redeeming qualities is super sales. If you love to shop and have the cash, Helluary is the month to hunt for end-of-season clothes. And you never know … you might also find a Christmas present with a sweet price to stash away for next year.


All winter, I want to scream like Lucy from Charlie Brown, “I wasn’t made for winter!”

If you’re a teacher in an area where winter is wintery, pray for a snow break. Tired teachers need just enough snow days to get a break, but not so many to disrupt spring break.


Gather up all the natural Vitamin D outside whenever the weather is decent. In my area, the weather can go from 32 degrees to 62 degrees or hover at a frigid 25 all day. Weather in Helluary is undependable. Not even Punxsutawney Phil has a definite influence on the fickle February temperatures. For all you lucky teachers living in temperate climates, make the most of the mild temperatures and get outdoors before it’s soaring hot.Woman_Suntanning_Summer


Another great Lucy quote from the Charlie Brown cartoons is, “I’m sick and tired of being sick of tired!” Helluary is the month when a good winter’s sleep is due. There’s not enough day to accomplish the mountain of work before the sun sets and we’re sleepy.

Drop Helluary from the calendar altogether. If we could add the extra minutes to the our twenty-four hour day, we’d hop from winter to spring like jumping a space on a game board. But hey!—who’s going to let us do that?


Instead of wishing for an impossible change, work on what you can control. Move your bedtime up by 30-60 minutes whenever possible. Helluary is the month to do less and rest.

Other ways to deal with that dragging, nagging tiredness is to monitor your Vitamin D levels. A simple blood test will reveal your level. Supplementing with extra Vitamin D may be just what the doctor orders for you.


You’re not the only grouchy, tired person in Helluary. Winter blues and temporary winter depression is common. Use exercise and healthy diet as another defensive move in your arsenal of tricks to combat Helluary. My personal solution is spending time reading the Bible. Start with Psalm 23. We’ll make it through Helluary. After all, February is the shortest month of the year.


How have you learned to fight winter tiredness? Do you socialize or spend time alone to keep your spirit tuned up? What exercise do you enjoy the most to boost your serotonin? Share here or on social media.

Spring is coming—look for the buds. I can’t wait to talk with you!



Written by Terri Kelly

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  1. Michele February 21, 2017 at 5:58 am Reply

    Walking through my yard and seeing those sweet signs of spring and dreaming about my summer garden helps me unwind after one of those tough days at school. Even picking up fallen sticks is therapeutic!

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