Buyers’ remorse is as real as the flu. Once the symptoms begin, you wish you’d taken the flu shot.

Frugal people won’t give buyers’ remorse a foothold. Instead, our penny-pinching loved ones (the ones I refer to as frugalities) roll up their sleeves and get to work way ahead of the cash register.

Here’s Why I Love Frugalites

  1. Frugalites show you how to strengthen your stubborn muscle.

Frugalites wait. They wait and wait and wait. (If you live with one, you understand.) If the price doesn’t suit them or the item isn’t necessary, they delay for another day, month, or year. Why rush?

Fringe Benefit: After I’ve practiced using my stubborn muscle, I have a feeling of accomplishment that transcends the buzz from shopping.

2.  Frugalites show you how to plan.

Frugal people pause before they purchase. They research for alternatives rather than pay full price. When they plan, they can make a fast decision when a deal comes along.

Fringe Benefit: The waiting game helps me celebrate a deal worth the wait.christmas-2971960_1920

  1. Frugalites are smart.

Frugal people aren’t fooled by influencers: pushy sales people, advertisements, or emotions. Here’s what they say: “I’m not paying that price. Can I get it for less? Do I really need this?”

Fringe Benefit: Role models make me think. Do I make emotional purchases? Am I gullible to advertising? How could I get it for less?

  1. Frugalites embrace simplicity.

Most frugal people would rather save than have unnecessary clothes hanging in their closet, take a staycation rather than go in debt for a vacation, and save time by staying out of the stores.

Fringe Benefit: We learn how to seek contentment. No more accumulating willy-nilly purchases or lost time splurging on the stuff we’ll put in the yard sale next summer.carefree-2280933_1280

Does it mean that Frugalities always score the perfect price or live without money guilt?

Of course not. Does it mean they never waste a cent? No. Does it mean we should love them?

You bet.

How Do I Learn to Love a Frugal Species?

Love a Frugalite for what they can teach us. Embrace the habits you can, and respect the daylights out of them.

I’d rather love working on frugal habits than hate suffering from the debt epidemic any day. How about you?

Go catch the Frugal Fever.



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Enjoy! Terri

Written by Terri Kelly

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    I only own what I need to survive and truly love.

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